Enter to Win an RL78/G11 Promo Board

The RL78/G11 Group of MCUs allow users to quickly and easily prototype and develop systems that support low-power sensor hubs and sensor application systems.

The Renesas Promotion Board is designed to evaluate the RL78/G11 25-pin LGA MCU. Its small pen-size of 57mm x 10mm makes it ideal for use as a base board for many kinds of sensor applications.

RL78/G11 Promotion Board

Key features of the new RL78/G11 Board:

  • Small sensor board 57mm x 10mm + additional RL78/G11 24-pin QFN board
  • Ultra-low power with smart features such as the Data Transfer Controller, Data Operation Circuit, and Event Link Controller to reduce the CPU load and consequently the average power consumption
  • E2 Lite On Board (E2OB) programmer / debugger
  • Option to use DC/DC boost converter to power from a single 1.5V battery cell

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